At 660 Vape and Smoke Shop KC, we take pride in presenting the exceptional Humble E Juice lineup. What began as a modest garage venture in 2015 has evolved into a globally recognized E-liquid company, dedicated to delivering a vaping experience that’s simply unparalleled.

Our Mission: A ‘HUMBLE’ Mindset for All

Our journey has taken us across the globe, driven by the mission to ensure the highest standards of quality control for our products. But it’s not just about creating remarkable E-liquids; it’s about inspiring everyday individuals to embrace a ‘HUMBLE’ mindset as they pursue their aspirations relentlessly.

Introducing the Flavors of Humble E Juice

Berry Blow Doe: Dive into a luscious fusion of berries with a touch of bubblegum sweetness.
Berry Blow Doe Ice: A frosty twist on the classic Berry Blow Doe, delivering a refreshing icy blast.
Lemon Cake (HMBL): Indulge in the zesty delight of lemon cake, a harmonious balance of sweet and tart.
Blue Dazzle: A captivating concoction of blueberries and ripe strawberries that dazzles the taste buds.
Berry Delight: Immerse yourself in a berry medley that’s nothing short of delightful.
Pay Day-Hustle: Satisfy your sweet tooth with the rich caramel and nutty notes of Pay Day.

American Dream: Experience the nostalgic taste of fruity cereal milk, a true American dream.
Ambition (Hustle): Unleash your ambition with a tropical mix of passion fruit, guava, and orange.
Pee Wee Kiwi: A playful blend of kiwi, watermelon, and apple that’s as vibrant as it sounds.
Sweater Puppets: Let the flavors of mango, cantaloupe, and a hint of honeydew envelop your senses.
Smash Mouth: An enticing fusion of ripe strawberries and custard that’s a true crowd-pleaser.
Havana: Transport yourself to the vibrant streets of Havana with the rich and robust Vanilla Almond Tobacco.

Disposable Vape Selection in Kansas City

Donkey Kahn: A symphony of strawberries, bananas, and dragon fruit that’s both exotic and satisfying.
VTR: Get ready to relax with the soothing blend of vanilla, tobacco, and roasted almond.
Hop Scotch: Enjoy the comforting taste of toffee, vanilla, and butterscotch.
Watermelon (HMBL): Refresh your senses with the pure essence of juicy watermelon.
Each Humble E Juice flavor is a testament to our commitment to quality and flavor innovation. Explore the world of Humble E Juice at 660 Vape and Smoke Shop KC, and elevate your vaping experience to extraordinary heights!”

From Humble E Juice co

Experience the Utmost Purity and Authenticity in Vaping, All at a Price That Resonates with Everyone. What began as a humble garage venture in 2015 has blossomed into a premier E-liquid company with a global presence. Our journey has taken us across continents, driven by a mission to ensure the highest level of quality control for our products. Our overarching aim is to motivate individuals from all walks of life to adopt a ‘HUMBLE’ outlook as they tenaciously chase their aspirations. While we inspire others, we remain unwavering in the pursuit of our own.”


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