we carry a large variety of soft glass hand pipe and water bong designs. Soft glass pipes are typically a pipe that offers a lot of style with a lower price point. What primarily separates them from hard glass or ceramic is that they are more colorfully dynamic and sold at lower price points.

Soft Glass Pipes

Why Buy A Soft Glass Pipe?

Soft glass offers more variety in terms of colors and even modern technology at a lower price point. Typically, its the price-point or an intricate individual design that draws someone to purchasing a soft glass piece. The most colorfully saturated pipes are typically blown with soft glass.

Drawbacks To Soft Glass

In terms of durability and longevity, most soft glass pieces will not last as long through extensive use as a higher end “boro” glass piece. Cheap Soft glass is almost plastic-like in feel but often times thicker and heavier than higher end hard glass pieces.

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Soft Glass Pipes

What Is The Soft Glass Smoking Experience Like?

The smoking experience is entirely dependent on the design of the piece and not the material. Most soft glass pieces are very traditionally designed functional styles.

How Do I Get The Most Out Of A Soft Glass Piece?

A soft glass piece can stand up for a long time. One of the most common errors in owning a soft glass pieces is physically scraping it. Soft glass must be cleaned and maintained more gently than higher end hard glass pieces.

With that said, a soft glass piece can serve you well and for a long time with proper care. Just don’t scrape up those beautiful colors.

Who Makes The BEST Soft Glass Bongs?

The highest quality soft glass bongs in terms of durability and design are made by noble glass. This American Company makes soft glass pipes like they should be made with durability and style.

Please note, all of our water bongs and hand pipes are marketed for use with legal mediums only. We sell a variety of legal mediums such as ejuice, cbd oils and dry herbs, and all kinds of tobacco products. Our pipes can be converted to work with any legal medium as a traditional pipe, dabbing rig, and even vaporizer pen linking systems.

Soft Glass Pipes

BEST place to Buy Soft Glass Pipes & Bongs In Kansas City

660 vape and smoke shop Kansas city have a wide variety of soft glass pieces across a wide range of price points. We offer imported budget soft glass piece options as well as super high end soft glass from industry leading designers. We are an authorized dealer of many top soft glass manufacturers and offer a price match guarantee on our products. Our goal is to become known as the best place in Kansas City to buy hand pipes and legal medium water bongs made out of soft glass.

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